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Via Francesco Cilea, 12 - Bologna 40141 - Italy
Tel: +39-051-087 2347 - Fax: +39-051-337 0653

Rights acquisition and trade.
We acquire any sort of literary property and manage the film rights from the writer to the distributor and beyond.
We also write-for-hire original and adapted feature length scripts.

Project consultancy and evaluation.
Through our experts we provide complete and industry-orientated script reports.
We evaluate the projects and advise how to make a successful film and where to find the necessary financial sources and partners.

Manlio Roseano Productions is always keen in entering into interesting and stimulating international co-productions.
We can also provide all the logistic and professional support during principal photography and throughout the post-production.

Acquisition and sales of film rights.
In particular cases we act as sales agent in international markets and follow the rights management from the pre-production stage to the distribution.
We can also provide a taylor made P&A service for film promotion and distribution.

Legal advice.
Our legal representatives, the FSG Law Firm, based in Rome, can provide a high profile and more than 40 years experienced legal consultancy and assistance.
Our attorneys at law at the FSG Law Firm are also IFTA arbitrators.